NRP pulls out from Tisintha Alliance, joins President Joyce Banda’s PP


In a rather twist of events, New Republican Party (NRP) has pulled out from Tisintha Alliance and announced that the party has rallied their support behind JB’s People’s Party.

President of the NRP, Alexander William Nguluwe, announced this on Friday night at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre where Nguluwe and other party members held an audience with President Joyce Banda.

Nguluwe said soon he shall start the process of deregistering his party after being satisfied with how the current administration is running its business.

“The decision to deregister the NRP and joining People’s Party came after noticing that the way how the current president is running the business is not far from my party’s ideologies.

“I’m not joining the party to look for position but take the whole NRP as your party –all members including me, who was heading the party. I feel in Tisintha Alliance there is no future,” he said.

He added: “Do not form political parties to frustrate the ruling administration but look how the party is performing in different sectors. Since you took over the country madam president a lot have been done in line with NRP.


“As NRP we feel that by all means you will pass the fourth coming tripartite elections with landslide victory hence no need for us to pretend that we shall win. So, our party has been deregistered and we have joined People’s Party.”

Nguluwe, who was accompanied by his Vice President and other members, said president Banda is the rightful leader to continue ruling the country for other ten years saying Malawian’s should be grateful that God has given them a listening leader who has the welfare of Malawians at heart.

He said the brightness in the ruling party when it comes to policy implementation is real that everybody should be happy with adding that people should know that the current ruling party is here to stay.

“We have left Tisintha Alliance and we are happy now to be called children of people’s party,” added Nguluwe.

Secretary General for People’s Party (PP), Paul Maulidi, said people should expect more defections before general elections, saying it is too early to preempt new developments that are coming to the ruling party.

In his speech, President Dr. Joyce Banda said the decision taken by NRP is commended looking at how other opposition party conducts their business.

The President said it is her wish to work with all opposition parties but said others do not allow it even if invited at Sanjika for a meeting that is for nation interest.

“I invited all parties to discuss issues to do with Lake Malawi wrangle, Cash gate and other national issues but not all parties come. So, NRP you have done well since it is only team work which can build the nation.

“By joining people party you have just exercised your right of belonging to any party and I am sure nobody will complain it.

“I need all inclusive leadership and NRP you have done matured politics that can take our nation to a greater heights,” said President Banda.

Asmaa Mubita is a Kenyan journalist of international repute with over fifteen years of experience in broadcast journalism. Asmaa Mubita began his journalism career at the Kenyan state broadcaster (KBC) and later worked at the KTN owned by the Standard Group and Citizen Television, the flagship brand of Royal Media Services. These exploits together with his reporting experience with the Voice of America, CNN and BBC have been rewarded with local and global recognition.