OMG! Soni Singh slaps serious allegation against Salman



Those who are the die hard fans Bigg Boss may know that nomination and eliminations are some of the customary rituals of this controversial TV reality show. At the same time there is no denying the fact that this “Nomination and Elimination Prakriya” adds a thorough amount of masala to the show too. But things get worse when some contestant, post his or her eviction natters a statement doubting the credibility and neutrality of the show and its host Salman.

And the recent instance which has once again marked the onset of this debate over nepotism and favoritism in the show is the one where recently evicted contestant of the show Soni Singh has hinted that show’s host Salman practices favoritism.


In a recently given interview at tinsel town, while sharing her experiences pertaining to her stay in the house Soni stated that Bigg Boss abode is a place where no one affords to trust anybody. Whereas on being asked about her association with Salman and latter’s practicing favoritism, Soni replied in affirmation. But soon after realizing what she has said she even tried pacify the things by saying that whatever Salman says is right most of the times, and she shares a very warm bonding with Sallu.


Don’t know whether Soni was trying to convince the masses or what, but while revealing her another compunction Soni further stated that she had been an active contributor and participant of the game show but that was never broadcasted on AIR by the makers.

Well after hearing these revelation made by Soni all we would like to suggest to this small screen vamp is that, “now leave Bigg Boss and start working on your ‘Plan B’ where you are planning to try your luck in more TV reality shows”.

Is History repeating itself?

This is not for the first time when some contestant of Bigg Boss has raised fingers over Salman, for practicing favoritism. Even in the last season Gauhar and Kushal alleged that Salman is being biased towards Armaan and Tanisha. And before that it was Pooja Bedi who during her stay in the house often hinted towards Salman’s favoring Mahak Chahal. Well whatever is the reality lying beneath, there are just three things which matter in showbiz and they are, Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment and we guess Bigg Boss always succeeds in delivering the same.