One day I want to have my own fashion brand: Neha Dhupia

Model-actress Neha Dhupia is known for her unique yet striking style sense and now the runway regular aspires to have her own fashion brand.
The 35-year-old “Ek Chalis Ki Last Local” actress, who became designer Rahul Mishra’s muse at the Gurgaon leg of Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2015, says whenever she will launch her brand, comfort will be her top priority.

“Coming up with one’s own fashion brand is a lot of work. But one day I really want to have my own fashion brand that is for women, who are real.
“I want to have something believable. I wear a lot of loose diconstructed clothes and I will probably have something where I will do loose clothes with lots of pockets. That’s my idea of comfort. My brand would be super basic and easy,” Neha told PTI.

The actress started her career from ramp and has a fair share of experience as a model but still feels the jitters every time before taking the runway. “If you decide to measure my ramp walk it will approximately be 50 kilometers. But, every time before walking on the ramp, I get nervous, I get jitters. There is this responsibility that you are walking for a person who has invested his one year in conceptualizing the designs.

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“It is about how you carry the package. Whoever you are for those two and a half minutes you are a muse and as muse you can’t let people down,” she said. Neha’s last big screen outing was 2014 film “Ungli” and now she is all set to make foray into reality TV with popular show “Roadies”. The actress, who will serve as a judge on the show, is excited to be a part of it. “I am excited about ‘Roadies’.

The fact it is in its 13th season, which is way more than any other thing on television, is tempting. I feel our country is driven by the youth and it is a extremely youth based show. “For me the show made complete sense, as I love traveling. I am hoping that youth will connect.” On film front, Neha has two projects lined up for the release– “Santa Banata” a comedy and Indie thriller “Moh Maya Money”.

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