Party Central Committee to issue a new resolution on developing Vietnamese culture


The ninth meeting of the Party Central Committee (11th tenure) wrapped up yesterday in Ha Noi with an agreement to issue a new resolution on developing Vietnamese culture.

After 15 years of implementing a resolution by the fifth meeting of the Party Central Committee (eighth tenure), cultural institutions had been formed and people’s cultural lives had become richer, participants agreed.

However, they also pointed out that in comparison with other fields like politics, economics, defence, security and external relations, the achievements of the cultural sector remained modest.

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said that economic growth should be accompanied by cultural development.

Outlining future directions for the sector, he suggested developing the Party’s viewpoints on culture enrichment mentioned in the 8th Party Central Committee’s fifth meeting resolution.

Because culture was the spiritual foundation of society as well as an important internal source of strength for sustainable development, it should receive as much attention as economics, politics and society, the Party leader argued.


“The culture that we are building is a modern one with a strong national identity, which unites the diverse cultures of Viet Nam’s ethnic groups and bears the typical characters of nationality, humanity, democracy and science,” he said.

The Party Central Committee also gave opinions on the drafting of important documents to be submitted to the 12th Party Congress. They agreed on the drafts of a Political Report and a report on socio-economic orientations and missions for the 2016-20 period.

General Secretary Trong said some major issues needed to be clarified during the preparation of documents for the 12th Party Congress. In terms of economics, the documents should provide thorough insight into the implementation of the Party’s directions on sustainable socio-economic and environmental development as set by the Party’s 11th Congress.

They should clarify the adjustment of targets and policies to prioritise reining in inflation, stabilizing the macro-economy, maintaining a suitable growth rate and ensuring social welfare, he said. Economic restructuring, as well as the definition of new resources and driving forces for the country’s development, also needed to be addressed in detail.

Along with issues of labour, security, social order and safety, it was necessary to assess the growing gap between rich and poor and the implementation of social policies, he said.

The Party leader stressed that in the context of complicated and unpredictable developments in the world and the region, such as the current East Sea situation, special attention should be paid to national defence and security.

The documents should set out policies and measures to maintain independence, sovereignty, national security, territorial integrity and an environment of peace and stability, he added.

Specific measures to improve the strength of the Party and the political system were also needed.

Trong concluded by calling on the entire Party, people and army to be clear-sighted and strengthen solidarity to safeguard national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity while maintaining an environment of peace and stability for national construction and development.

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