People Who Have Amazing Sex All Have One Thing In Common: Timing


At the ripe age of 15 — an age defined by hormones, underage drinking and hair gel — I was handed a valuable piece of advice. One that has stuck with me, still, to this date.

It was freshman year of high school, and I was with some friends watching the Mets game. It was one of those afternoons where we all crammed into one of my buddy’s living rooms and, that same day, we were joined by one more special guest: my friend’s father (and master of the house).

We must’ve gotten around to shooting the sh*t — over the usual business — you know, chasing women and staying out of trouble, generally speaking. And at that point, my buddy’s dad decided to chime in and impart some of his own wisdom on the topic:

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The female orgasm is a mystery to many men. What’s even more mystery is the female ejaculation. Even more specific, the g spot female ejaculation. We’ve all heard stories about women who ejaculate or friends that have had partners that frequent this, but many of us have not actually experienced it ourselves. The simple description is, “it’s wet liquid, clear and squirts”. Besides that, there are not too many clear details.

First off, we should understand the elements of ejaculation. The 4 main parts are prosthetic acids, glucose, urea and creatinine. The last 2 are common and urine, which may explain the clear-like appearance of female ejaculation. The other 2 parts are prostate fluids. So is safe to assume that the female ejaculation contains both urine and prostate fluids.

More important than the scientific explanation is the explanation of how a woman achieves this ejaculation. One way is through a G spot induced ejaculation. Over a period of time, if the G. spot is stimulated the spongy tissue within it fills with fluid. Many women actually hold this fluid back because they think that it is urine. Some researchers debate whether it is it actually ejaculation or urine, however, the ejaculation comes from the urethra.

So with that, you may want to learn how to get your woman to ejaculate and is definitely something you need to work towards. It G. spot female ejaculation can be a very intense orgasm for a woman. However, you should not put major stress over requiring yourself to make her orgasm this way. Maybe leave it as a once in a while goal. Also, it is not known whether or not every woman has ability to obtain a G spot ejaculation.

But due to the effects, it might be worth trying to get her to achieve this type of orgasm. You will probably want to try to stimulate her G. spot through oral sex, G. spot enhancing sex positions and by perfecting new and advanced sexual techniques that can enhance your ability to fully stimulate her G. spot.

Naturally, he was alluding to sex and the female libido. And while that tidbit of information made me feel slightly uncomfortable (coming from him), it also made me think.

Up until that point, society had always suggested otherwise. All the stereotypes that floated around affirmed that “all men think about is sex” and that when it came to a woman, sex must first proceed from an emotional connection.

It’s constantly reinforced (by media and pop culture) that men view sex as some carnal act, motivated purely by pleasure while women view it in an entirely different light.

But to be honest people and mainly man view woman as just timid in their sexual lifestyle, they think we do not like having sex but we do, we like to enjoy it even if it is just a one night stand, we love to use sex toys and several objects, how about you?  Maybe you need something else. If you’d like to experience a transgender sexual experience, then you can doll is probably the best solution! believe me it is an unreal experience to try new things and different styles, if you have a partner you can have a much fire up sex life to keep it interesting and if you just want a night with someone new you will have a surprising experience neither of you would experience.


My friend’s dad helped remind me we’re all humans, despite our gender differences, and, while we may diverge on certain topics, at the end of the day, sex is still sex whether you’re male or female.

This encouraged me to look deeper into each gender’s specific sexual desires — at things like duration of sex and even duration of foreplay — in order to gain a better understanding of how we, as human beings, view sex.

As part of an experiment conducted by Miller and Byers, 152 heterosexual couples were asked to report their specific sexual desires in addition to what they thought their partner’s specific sexual desires would be.

Case 1: Foreplay

Interestingly enough, ideal length of foreplay did not differ between the sexes.

Despite the fact that most love stories portray the female character as the romantic one — the one more inclined to light candles prior to sex and spread rose petals on the bedspread — women did not report a greater interest in foreplay than men did.

Women did, however, expect their male significant others to desire a lower duration of foreplay than was actually the case, likely a result of those stereotypes reinforced in romantic films and even a lot of love songs.

That said, while women expected their men to value foreplay less, this proved to be an underestimation, according to the study’s results.

But there is some truth to the idea that foreplay is, in fact, more important for women.

According to Dr. Ruth Westheimer, EdD, for WebMD, “It’s particularly important for women to have successful foreplay because it takes a woman a longer time [than a man]to get up to the level of arousal needed to orgasm.”

Still, it doesn’t appear women require — or desire — more time during foreplay in order to fulfill their sexual needs.

Case 2: Intercourse

When it comes to sexual intercourse itself, that’s where we see the desires of men and women begin to diverge.

It’s not so much the desire for intercourse — in general — that separates men and women as much as it’s the duration of intercourse.

According to Alice Robb of New Republic — and an article written by Harry Fisch — apparently most men only need two minutes in bed. Women, on the other hand, generally require more time between the sheets in order to reach orgasm.

In a separate study, conducted by Petr Weiss and Stuart Brody, Czech women were asked to report how “consistently they had an orgasm when with a partner, the average amount of time spent on foreplay and the average amount of time spent on penile-vaginal intercourse,” as explained by Matthew Hutson of Psychology Today.

According to the data, intercourse duration was strongly correlated to orgasm consistency. For women who reported sex lasting between one and 10 minutes, 50 percent said they had an orgasm most of the time.

For those women who reported having sex lasting between 11 to 20 minutes, this number grew to 62 percent. And, finally, for those women who shagged for 20-plus minutes — 72 percent.

While men may be able to hop into bed and fulfill their sexual needs within two minutes — it appears they might also be leaving their significant others dissatisfied.

So, as it appears, the advice of my friend’s father seems to hold a bit of truth.

Women do want sex as much as guys, although it also appears they want it for longer amounts of times than most men are capable of — which is why so many couples probably see their therapists and discuss matters of sex.

If you and your significant other are experiencing some turbulence in the sheets, make sure you’re communicating.

Sexual problems do have a tendency to carry over to other parts of life, so it’s important to nip any you might have in the bud before they begin to affect the rest of your relationship.

At the end of the day, it comes down to you and your partner’s willingness to make it work. Regardless of how long it takes.

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