Phir Bhi Na Maane Badtameez Dil Actors Pearl Puri Asmita Sood Dating

The newest love birds in telly town, Pearl V. Puri and Asmita Sood nearly had a heartbreak recently when the news of their show, Phir Bhi Na Maane… Badtameez Dil by Saurabh Tewari on Star Plus going off air hit headlines. But now, all seems to be rosy for both of them, as their off-screen as well as on-screen love tale will blossom, with the show now airing on Hot Star from tonight.

For Pearl Puri and Asmita Sood, the Season 1 of the show indeed kick-started their love story, after both of them went through their individual heartbreaks. It is already been reported of Pearl seeing an actor, while Asmita was dating a producer from the South. Their love story apparently started in a Pune outdoor schedule where they got to know each other very well. And apparently, Suyash Rai is believed to be the man who played a big role in bringing them together.

Sources on the set of the show gave us clear knowledge that Pearl and Asmita come together on the set, leave together, and spend all time together. What’s more? They recently decided to go and meet the Star people and request them, and even formed a cartel of all actors so that they could convince the Star team to change their decision of ending the show.

A source from the set confided in us, “Recently, Asmita’s mom was in the city, and Pearl played a perfect host to her. Also, Asmita recently fell sick and Pearl was seen looking very tense. She had 102 degree fever and Pearl was literally teary-eyed, and could not focus on his shoot. Above all, Asmita has turned vegetarian for Pearl, as he follows Radhe Swami.”

Oh well, the news of Hot Star now airing their show has brightened their lives, is what we believe.
When contacted, Asmita told us, “Yes, we were absolutely shattered when the news of Badtameez Dil going off air was heard. We wanted to do our best to convince the team to keep the show alive. We are glad today, that we will be seen on Hot Star.”

When enquired about her happiness of sharing screen space with the man she dates, the girl laughed out and said, “These are all rumours that are making rounds. We are close friends, and that is what I want to convey.”

When we gave her insights of Pearl taking care of her when she was unwell, and that Pearl was the perfect host when her mother was around, she said, “Pearl is a very sensitive guy. He gets moved when he sees his friend ill, and I see this as a normal feeling. And about my mother, yes he met her once, but that was a very normal meeting. I will want to say again that we are not seeing each other.”

On her turning into a vegetarian for Pearl, Asmita denied the news saying, “I had my non-veg food even today. I cannot leave non-veg for anyone in my life.” Pearl on the other hand said, “Yes we are all excited about the new beginning on hotstar. This is the first time that a daily is being aired digitally. We being the forerunners for this historic achievement, it is a proud moment for sure.”

As for the alleged affair, the actor mentioned, “It is all a rumour and trust me I am not even bothered about the same. I think in this industry all co-actors are bound to get linked.” Guess time will tell whether there’s really a love tale cooking up on the sets of Badtameez Dil. As for now, viewers can be excited to see their favourite Jodi on screen yet again.




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