Pics that capture how Thirty Seconds to Mars rocked Cape Town



Cape Town – It was truly magical when Jared Leto took to the stage last night at the Grand Arena in Cape Town.
Not only was it Thirty Seconds to Mars’ last show for the year, but it was also in the place they like to call their second “home” – Cape Town.

The evening started out with local boys Beatenberg entertaining the crowd, and we must say, these boys are really talented!

Then it was time for the main act and as in true Thirty Seconds style, Jared got the crowd involved from the get to. We sang, we clapped and we fist pumped all night long as Jared seduced us with his beautiful voice (and body!).
Highlights were an acoustic rendition if Alibi and This Is War, and a very special treat was the amazing Kings and Queens, which Jared wrote in Cape Town. And while Jared’s brother Shannon was noticeably absent from the stage, as he couldn’t make the tour, I have to say the drum tracks did their job very well.
Jared also learned some Afrikaans while on stage! He learned to say “pantoffel” (slipper) as well as “woefkardoes” (doggy bag) which he obviously thought are the weirdest words on earth. While learning the words, Jared posted a video on Instagram.

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