PM Modi writes ‘thank you’ letter to 10-year-old Kanpur girl


When 10-year-old Aditi from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, lauding him for the initiatives taken, little did she know that she would receive a reply from him.

Proudly flaunting the letter which thanks her ‘positive and hopeful’ views, Aditi said that she would continue writing to the Prime Minister to express her views on the works done by him.
“I had thanked him for the schemes launched for the nation. These schemes are making a difference. I got this letter on April 11th and am feeling happy about it,” Aditi told reporters. When asked if she feels Prime Minister Modi is doing a good job, she said ‘yes’ with firm conviction.

Aditi said that she was expecting the Prime Minister to respond to her letter, adding that she would continue giving suggestions to him. “I want him to continue working for the nation and keep giving us positive lessons,” she added.

Meanwhile, Aditi’s mother was surprised at her daughter’s writing skills and said that she was not aware that her girl was so well versed with the works being done by the government.

“We were not expecting a reply, but she ( Aditi) had written well. She wrote about the schemes being launched in the nation and about her school,” she said.

rajni sharma

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