Poem announces Google Chromebooks’ arrival in nine countries

According to the company’s bog spot, chromebooks will be launched in nine new countries in order to improve the level of computing for all generations.

It must be noted that the chromebooks are already available for customers in different countries across the world. Now, these gadgets will be launched in Philippines, Mexico, Spain, Norway, New Zealand, Belgium, Denmark, Chile and Italy.

The poem says “So we’d like to say our Hellos, to our new global Chromebook fellows. Kia ora to our New Zealand mates, where getting on-line will have shorter waits.”


The company has said that the laptops will be made available to the customers in the coming weeks. Customers can buy these laptops online and various retailers will offer these gadgets.

Different models will be provided including Acer C720, HP Chromebook 14, and Chromebook 13. Moreover, these laptops will run Google applications and services such as Drive, Gmail, Docs, etc. Many apps need internet access whereas others can be utilized without any internet connection as well.

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