President Joyce Banda gives hope to a blind widow


President Dr. Joyce Banda on Monday handed over fourteen new houses that have been constructed by the Mudzi Transformation Trust to elders in the areas of Traditional Authority Wasambo and Mwirang’ombe in Karonga District.

The President made  symbolic presentation at a house of Mary Chisambo, a blind widow who was left by her husband because of her disability.

Speaking after the presentation, President Banda said that her vision is to improve the lives of Malawians, especially the needy people in villages who are not taken care of.

She said that many people in rural areas are living below the poverty line, hence the need for special attention.

The first citizen said that was why she initiated the Mudzi Transformation Trust and One- cow- per- family programs to improve their welfare.

‘‘In every society, there are poor people who cannot live on their own, they need special interventions to move forward. That is why after taking this post, I initiated special programs like Mudzi Transformations Trust and One cow a family program.


‘‘We have programs like Social Cash Transfer and the distribution of maize to the needy Malawians which we believe are really helpful, and I promise that I will continue implementing them,” said Banda.

She added that as of now, she has managed to construct over 200 houses to the needy people in all the country’s districts.

President Banda said the catalogue of all these developments she has implemented for the past two years are in her party’s manifesto.

She therefore asked Malawians to vote for her in the forthcoming elections.

In his remarks, Paramount Chief Kyungu commended Madam Joyce Banda for assisting such a blind woman.

However, Paramount Kyungu bemoaned the behavior by the woman’s husband who abandoned her just because she is blind.

Kyungu therefore asked the communities to report such stories to his court.
Chisambo, who got blind at the age of ten, has three children that she looks after.

According to the Chief Executive of Mudzi Transformation Trust, Mackward Themba, the initiative has so far constructed twenty two houses in Karonga District.

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