Qin-Jiao China Student Real Friend Character Carry her Polio Friend

Qin-Jiao and Ying-hui are close friends,they live in Hun-an Frawins Village in China and their area is very hilly.Nobody may not expect the china student, how she did it for long time.Now a days people are thinking with selfishness and not to dare to do carry her close friend to school daily for three years.

China Student Qin jiao

Qin-Jiao has real fiend characters and values and there is time everybody to appreciate her and also it is shameful to us why because nobody can dare it to do this for three years in these days.one more question to us, why the media or village people or school teachers were not expose this issue to others.

we should appreciate China student real friendship values,Character and her thought. Qin-jiao has been carrying her polio suffering friend to school for 3 years.The school is 4 km distance from their village and hill area also.There is no felicities like auto,jeep to go for school,because the area is covered with hills.

From the age of 9,the china student Qin-Jiao has been carrying her Polio suffering friend and after a long time this news arrived to public and telecast-ed through the local media and social media network global level.

Qin-Jiao proved real friend definition and remember the human values to us.After knowing this issue everybody has to think and do something for others in his life. Qin-Jiao age is not fit for to do this but she has proved.So from this time every one need to do for something.

China internet visitors calling her name as,China’s most beautiful Real Student and real friend.The China government provided wheelchair to Ying-hui in last year of September month and even after received the chair Qin-jiao would wake up at 6 am every morning and completed her house work and put her friend in the wheelchair and push her to school.

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