Rahmania Mall attracts new global and local brands

To become a comprehensive destination that provides integrated services to the region’s residents

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates : As part of its efforts to meet the needs of its visitors and provide them with the best facilities and services, Rahmania Mall has successfully attracted more than 17 new brands since its recent opening, including retail stores, food outlets, banks, and a pharmacy. The mall has firmly positioned itself as a comprehensive destination offering integrated services for residents of the Rahmania region, confirming its commitment to enhancing customer experiences and elevating them to the highest levels.

A leading destination in the emirate of Sharjah

Abdullah Al Huraimel, Executive Director of New Enterprises at Sharjah Cooperative Society, said: “The success of Rahmania Mall in attracting these brands within a short period of its opening confirms its position as a leading community destination in the Emirate of Sharjah, providing excellent services that enrich the shopping, entertainment and dining experiences of all members of society. Attracting these brands confirms our commitment to providing the perfect blend of brands carrying the latest modern retail concepts.”

Al Huraimel added: “Rahmania Mall focuses on providing unique and convenient shopping experience to the customers through its strong partnerships with major local and international companies, and we will continue to work on attracting more brands with the aim of forming a qualitative addition to the mall’s visitors, to enrich and diversify the services provided to them.”

A new model for community shopping

Rahmania Mall, a Sharjah Coop development, is an ideal destination for all residents and visitors of the Emirate of Sharjah in general, and the Rahmania destrict in particular. The mall provides a new model for community shopping, due to the integration and comprehensiveness of services that meet the desires of families and individuals, and it allows visitors to move easily between retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment centre for families.

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