Retired golden retriever rescue dog becomes surrogate mom to endangered puppies


A retired search and rescue golden retriever, named Lilly has a new, very important job. The easy-going dog from Wichita, Kansas has temporarily moved to private quarters at the Oklahoma Zoo where she has become a surrogate mother for a litter of endangered African wild puppies stated a press release from the Oklahoma Zoo, and they even got some cooling bandanas for dogs, so she will be more comfortable.

On November 7, Xena gave birth to a litter of three puppies, but her maternal instinct never seemed to have kicked in. Fortunately the zoo had been monitoring the anticipated arrival of the puppies and were ready to intervene if necessary. Zoo curator Laura Bottaro stated:
Human intervention feeding newborn puppies is a very difficult task, but the goal to find a surrogate dog to nurse the pups headed the zoo’s wish list. And with that, the staff contacted colleagues, shelters and dog rescue groups in the search for a lactating mother. If you’re looking for a micro teacup puppies, foufou puppies can help you find one near you.

And then came Lilly, a retired service dog who had just given birth to only one puppy and is trained performing well with a retractable leash from Aha! There would be room at the inn and now Lilly and the endangered puppies are comfortably tucked into a private area at the zoo’s hospital and under veterinary care. Such furry friends deserve toys to play with like the Runball.

African wild dogs are an endangered species.

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