Review: Bharat Ane Nenu

The most awaited big budget film of the season Bharat Ane Nenu is out in theaters. It has been riding on high expectations from all corners. Did Srimanthudu duo Mahesh and Koratala Siva deliver a film that meets the expectations? Let’s analyze…

What is it about?

Bharat Ram (Mahesh) is brought up in London. He comes to India when his father, sitting CM (Sarath Kumar) dies of cardiac arrest. Bharat takes charge as Chief Minister as his father’s close friend and party president Varadarajulu (Prakash Raj) asks him. Bharat brings various changes in the system and society with his strict and sincere job as CM. Varadarajulu who thought of controlling the power couldn’t stop Bharat from anything. But all the bad men etch a plan and makes Bharat resign to his post. How he comes back to power and fulfill his father’s wishes is what rest of the story is about.


Mahesh Babu is superb as a young and dynamic Chief Minister. His styling is perfect and looks handsome than ever. His performance in intense scenes is a treat to watch. The intensity he shows in press meet scene is second to none. It is entirely his shows as he carries the film with his charm and screen presence.

Kiara Advani has a good screen presence and makes a good pair with Mahesh. She can perform too. Prakash Raj is good as a two-faced politician. Rao Ramesh is impressive as a middle class police constable. Brahmaji once again gets a meaty role and he makes good use of it. Sitara, Sarath Kumar are good in supporting roles.


Koratala Siva has his own style of making commercial films with serious and relatable themes. His mark is evident in every scene. He mastered the art of mixing commercial elements without deviating from the core theme and he is in good form in Bharat Ane Nenu too. He didn’t dilute the theme by adding unnecessary comedy tracks and songs. He sticks to the plot and makes sure to provide moments for fans and masses. Koratala’s dialogues are also one of the main assets of BAN.

Devi Sri Prasad tried different background score according to the political theme. He did a fabulous job in elevating many scenes. Bharat Ane Nenu and Vachadayyo Saami are superb compositions. The film has terrific visuals. The work of Cinematographers is commendable. Their work in Durga Mahal fight and Vachadayyo Saami stands out. Editing is adequate. The film has grand production values.

Koratala Siva wastes no time in getting into the thick of things. It starts off with an introduction song of protagonist and gets into the plot immediately. A flashback is shown to establish the character of Bharat. He takes his promise very seriously as per his mother’s guidance. He is forced to take oath as Chief Minister and he thrives to keep his promise by hook or crook.

Despite the slow pacing, there is not a single boring moment in the first half. Bharat’s ideologies and the implementation of strict laws are thoroughly enjoyable. There isn’t any separate comedy track, but the situations offer humor. Assembly scenes are hilarious as Koratala Siva tries to recreate the real scenario of it. Bharat’s dialogues and the reactions from his party members itself will leave us in splits.

Even the romance track is brilliantly included into the film without making it look odd. First meeting of Mahesh and Kiara is very good. Koratala Siva doesn’t give more space for romance as it spoils the seriousness of theme and also affects the protagonist’s character. Songs are placed well and never interrupts the flow of the film except for the final Vasumathi song. There is not a single fight scene in the first half, but there isn’t any shortage of heroism or mass entertainment.

There is a lull in the second half where many cliches are thrown into it. The screenplay drags especially after Vachadayyo Saami. It picks up with a terrific press meet scene that reflects the current state of affairs. This scene will get thumping response from every screening. Mahesh’s performance in this scene will be remembered for very long. There is a twist towards the climax to settle the things. Despite predictable ending, Bharat Ane Nenu doesn’t disappoint on a whole. It has solid drama, well narrated story, impactful scenes and a charming lead. It has enough stuff to set the cash registers ringing.

The Srimanthudu duo has delivered another solid commercial film to rule the box office. Bharat Ane Nenu keeps the promise it has shown right from the beginning. Mahesh fans will surely watch it multiple times, while it is a film worth watching for rest of the viewers.