Rishi Kapoor makes Fun Of Trolls Alia Bhatt Sonakshi Sinha On Twitter


There have been several jokes on Alia Bhatt’s IQ level and Sonakshi Sinha’s weight and the latest to make jokes on the same is none other than Rishi Kapoor.

Rishi Kapoor has been very active on Twitter and a close observation of his tweets, suggest that the veteran actor has a good sense of humour but sometimes his tweets might not be accepted well by all.

Rishi Kapoor posted something on Twitter, apparently making fun of Alia Bhatt’s IQ and Sonakshi Sinha’s weight. Although, both Alia and Sonakshi had enough of such jokes on social media, this appears to be a fresh one and thus Rishi Kapoor made the post, apparently on a funny note.

As soon as Rishi Kapoor made the post, a tug of war started as fans of Alia and Sonakshi started bashing the veteran actor while, Rishi Kapoor’s fans also started defending him.

Seeing the series of not-so-pleasant comments on the post from both sides, Rishi Kapoor soon made another post asserting that Alia and Sonakshi are like his daughters and this post was made on a funny note.

Well, we wonder what Sonakshi and Alia have to say about Rishi Kapoor’s ‘funny’ post.



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