Romanian Hexi Pharma Owner Allegedly Dies In Car Crash


The owner of Hexi Pharma, the Romanian company that has been selling diluted disinfectants to hundreds of public hospitals, apparently died in a car accident on Sunday afternoon.

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However, if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident, it is important to seek medical treatment immediately, no matter how mild the accident seems to have been. If the accident ultimately does not manifest as an injury, you have lost nothing, however, if you do end up with damage, immediate medical attention will provide you with a firm basis for diagnosis and help to prove that you have suffered harm and adverse consequences. Click here to find more information about car accident attorney. The accident was reported at around 19:30 and the rescue crew that went to the site found a disfigured victim. The investigators assumed it was Dan Condrea as they found his ID documents in the car. Condrea’s wife, who was called to the accident site, apparently recognized his clothes.

However, the victim’s identity will only be confirmed after a DNA test.The police don’t exclude the possibility of a suicide as they found no breaking marks at the accident site.

Dan Condrea, Hexi Pharma’s owner, became one of the most infamous people in Romania after a journalistic investigation revealed that his company had been selling diluted disinfectants to local hospitals for years.


After the scandal broke into the media, the Government started controls in local hospitals which revealed that the disinfectants bought from Hexi Pharma were inefficient in combating germs. The Government’s controls also confirmed that the disinfectants were highly diluted. Thus, Hexi Pharma disinfectants were banned from local hospitals and the company shut down its activity.

Moreover, the General Prosecutor’s office started an investigation against Hexi Pharma. However, the prosecutors haven’t officially started an investigation against Dan Condrea.

The suspicious conditions in which Condrea allegedly die have raised many questions. Some people in Romania believe in a conspiracy theory according to which a secret service had also been involved in the diluted disinfectant business.

The Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), the country’s biggest secret service, has been pressured to explain why it hadn’t notified the authorities about this public security problem. SRI replied that it had sent several notifications to the authorities, but the issue hasn’t been cleared yet.

Immediately after Dan Condrea’s alleged death, Romanian deputy Sebastian Ghita, who is a member in the parliamentary committee that supervises SRI’s activity, asked SRI to make public the report of the accident and an alleged movie that the secret service’s stakeout team who was following Condrea apparently made.

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