Sai Pallavi aka Malar of Premam Requests Media to Tell the Truth during Onam celebration


Sai Pallavi aka Malar of “Premam” on Thursday, 3 September, expressed her disappointment through Facebook at the way certain media houses publish misleading news about her.

The Alphonse Puthren directorial has been in the news for quite some time now and the film had reportedly inspired Kerala’s college students, who celebrated Onam 2015 in “Premam” style.

During a press meeting in Dubai, a reporter asked the actress as to what she thinks about the incident, where a few students of Thiruvananthapuram’s College of Engineering killed a girl after getting drunk during Onam celebrations.

According to the actress, her reply was: “All of us are gifted wid something called a conscience.. V knw wat is right n wat is wrong… V don see terrorists in a movie n become terrorists.. V don see rapists n turn into rapists… It depends on d way u look at it… I had soo many who came up to me n hugged me n said dat Dey felt soo confident abt themselves aft seeing me on screen.. Dey cud flaunt their pimples.. N loved themselves more… d movie was made to give d ppl 3 hrs of happiness n for dem to leave the theatre wid a smile n I’m happy in saying dat it did make many happy… I feel extremely sad n sorry for wat had happened.”

Instead of reporting what she really said, certain reports claimed that the actress had stated, “Audience is not monkeys to blindly imitate cinema”. The reports added that the actress was unaware of the CET incident.

By sharing the screenshot of the fabricated news on her social media handle, Sai requested the media to report truth, rather than fabricating it and giving catchy headlines.

“But I request n plead n media n press ppl to Pls write d truth… May be d contents inside d link mite be different.. But ppl felt bad jus reading d headline, ” the actress writes on her Facebook handle.

The actress was in Dubai to inaugurate a free medical camp for people, who stay away from their families. Sai also apologised to everyone if her Facebook post hurt their feelings. “I jus wanna make ppl happy n be one of d reasons to bring a smile on their face,” she added.


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