Samsung Medical Center Considering Lee Kun-hee out of intensive care unit

Samsung Medical Center (SMC) said Sunday that it is considering moving Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Kun-hee out of its intensive care unit (ICU) to a general floor.

“Chairman Lee is stable and recovering gradually. We are considering moving him out of the ICU on the third floor at the center’s main building as he is in a stable condition,” said an SMC spokesman.

The official expects Lee’s brain to function properly once he recovers from a heart surgery, as the needed medical procedures have been done successfully.

However, he declined to comment exactly when the chairman could be transferred to a normal care unit.

He has been treated for the eighth day after receiving a cardiopulmonary resuscitation in another hospital near his house in Hannam, Seoul.

The plan comes a few hours after Samsung Electronics said early on the day that it was considering taking legal actions against a local Internet media for spreading “groundless” rumors about the chairman.

The media ㅡ AsiaN ㅡ reported that chairman Lee died early Friday and claimed that the presidential office and intelligence agency were notified of the death of the business tycoon on Friday.

Samsung Group immediately denied it.


“Samsung is considering taking legal actions against rumormongers about the health of our chairman,” said a company spokesman.

SMC CEO Yoon Soon-bong said on Friday that Lee was getting better and called the rumors that the chairman is in a critical condition “groundless.”

Samsung also used its corporate blog, twitter and Facebook to take on the unconfirmed news by saying that; “Rumors about the health of our chairman Lee are totally untrue.”

Lee’s wife Hong Ra-hee, his oldest daughter Lee Boo-jin, CEO of Hotel Shilla and youngest daughter Lee Seo-hyun, president of Samsung Everland’s fashion business, have been staying with the business tycoon for the eighth consecutive day since Lee was transferred to the center late Sunday, said Samsung officials.

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