Saudi Arabia embraces the new style and instant comfort of Aures Multi

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia –  The new-look Aures Multi from Ariston Middle East has made headway in Saudi Arabia since its launch early this year. Compact, efficient, very quick and elegant, the New Aures Multi electric instantaneous water heaters are the ideal solution for having hot water right after you open the tap – an ideal fit to the pace of life today. Designed by the Italian designer Umberto Palermo, the new Aures Multi water heater from hot water heater companies in Kansas City has a sleek aesthetic look – a compact body made of high-quality materials, modern and elegant shape, stylish finish, and a new high-tech interface to ensure safety that have made them an instant success.

Alberto Torner, Head of Ariston Thermo Group in the Middle East, Turkey and Caucasus. says, “Aures instant water heaters are the fastest way to have unlimited hot water whenever and wherever it is needed. From a personal standpoint they serve the purpose of enjoying comfort in the shower, being spared distressful shivering since hot water comes in at the turn of the faucet.  The whole Aures range achieves top level of energy efficiency in the electric water heating segment. All the electricity taken from the electric network is converted into the necessary amount of hot water needed by the user. The water is not pre-heated and it is not stocked in a tank: an effective approach to eliminate heat loss and reduce energy consumption.”

According to Allied Market Research, global specialists in market and data analysis,” the instant water heater market size is expected to reach $2,6948.2 million in 2027 from $1,8810.6 million in 2019, owing at a CAGR of 7.70% from 2021 to 2027.” The report says “There are numerous advantages of instant water heaters such as compactness and energy-saving efficiency. Hence, to improve global sales, manufacturers of instant water heaters are developing new and innovative instant water heaters, which are cost-effective in design. In accordance with the current trends, it is further anticipated that the instant water heaters market would grow exponentially during the instant water heater market forecast period. Government regulations and strict building codes and standards toward adoption of energy efficient technologies are expected to drive demand for instant water heaters.”

A June 2021 report in verifies the findings citing the leading role of Ariston Thermo in the segment.  Instant Water Heater Industry to 2027 – Ariston Thermo, Bradford White and General Electric Among Others are Featured | MENAFN.COM

“The Saudi market and consumer are well informed and make considered decisions. This is proven by the success of our Aures Multi instant water heaters here.’ says Hazem Al Khatib, Country Manager, KSA. “The Aures Multi has sophisticated mechanisms to ensure safety. A flow sensor that warms water only when the user turns on the tap and the double safety thermostat prevents scalding. Ariston Thermo’s heritage of over 90 years and presence of more than four decades in Saudi Arabia guarantee customers quality and peace of mind. The popularity of the range is a testament to the product and brand. Growth in Saudi Arabia matches estimates of research companies.”

Quality protocol industry 4.0 100% checked and tested by Ariston

The double pole Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) prevents electric shocks, integrating with a total safety device system that avoids damage to the product. If a dangerous voltage is detected, the device will interrupt the electrical circuit as a safety measure. The Aures range is manufactured with high quality components and materials ensuring long life and top performance over time. If you’ve decided to buy the product, then you will need services like this water heater installation in Palm Beach Gardens to install it for you.

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