Science reveals the most dangerous sexual position

Men are paying a painful price for allowing their partners to take control and be ‘on top’.

Man gets divorce over wife’s excessive demand for sex
Scientists have found that the ‘cowgirl’ position is responsible for half of all penile fractures during sexual intercourse.

Doctors and academics looked at patients attending three A&E units with suspected “penile fractures” over a 13 year period.


Half of them reported hearing a crack before experiencing pain, with some also suffering swelling.

Why it’s Risky:
Like an elbow or knee, your erect penis can be ‘hyperextended’ if you put too much or too frequent downward pressure on the shaft. Over time, this hyperextension can lead to peyronie’s disease a buildup of plaques that causes your rod to bend while erect. That can make sex impossible. If you feel tugging or even a small joint-like crack near the base of your penis, the angle of your intercourse is a little too extreme. Have her lean forward.

Another dangerous position is ‘doggy style’ or the woman on all fours is responsible for 29per cent of injuries.

The safest position which was found to have the least injuries is the ‘missionary position’. if the man is in control, he has a better chance of minimizing injury by disengaging in harmful movements as soon as they happen.
The study was conducted on 44 cases, from three hospitals over a 13-year period in Brazil.


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