Selena Gomez Reveals What’s the Biggest Lesson Fame Has Given Her


The singer opened for the “Share a Coke and a Song” campaign and opened up about the lesson she has learned from being famous.

“You’re not meant to say, ‘Once I get there, I’ll have it all.’ I think that’s the biggest lesson I’ve needed to learn, is how to be present in the moment, and to know that I’m always going to strive for something,” she said.

Selena Gomez revealed she is the most confident she has ever been in her entire life. She also knows that she deserves to be where she is in her career.


“I think I’ve been doing this long enough to realize that no matter what people perceive of me, I always shine through at the end of the day. So I’ve had a lot of people try to tear me down, but I’m here,” she said. “I’ve always been myself…I’ve been graceful, and I’ve tried to handle myself with as much class, and it’s only because I know how hard I work and I’m not gonna let any of that get to me.”

We love that Gomez can be so open about her journey in Hollywood and can’t wait to see her out on tour this year!

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