Sunanda Pushkar Death case Delhi Police seek lie detector test for key witnesses


New Delhi, May 15: In a fresh twist in Sunanda Pushkar’s death case, the Delhi Police is now stepping up the probe and want to conduct polygraph test on three key witnesses.

The SIT on Friday said that the three key witnesses were lying and that facts were being concealed. The key witnesses include Shashi Tharoor’s help and driver.

The Delhi Police have accused the witnesses in the Sunanda Pushkar murder case of lying and sought permission to conduct a polygraph test.

Three witnesses in the Narain Singh, the domestic help, Sanjay Dewan, friend of Shashi Tharoor and Bajrangi the driver have been accused of lying in their statements to the police. These persons have not told the truth and have concealed facts, the Delhi police says.

What the witnesses have lied about?

According to the Delhi Police, all the three were aware of the facts of the case. They have lied in their statements to us, the Delhi Police also claimed.

All the three persons were present in the Hotel just before her death, the police state. Although the three knew about the alleged relationship between Shashi Tharoor and Pakistani journalist Meher Tarar, they have not told the police about the same.

This is crucial to the investigation as this alleged relationship had become the reason for the discord between Sunanda and Shashi, the police also claimed. In addition to this they have also not disclosed how Sunanda sustained injury marks on her body, the police also alleged.

Repair work at Tharoor’s residence was over

All through the investigation, several persons had told the police that Sunanda was staying at the hotel in the wake of ongoing repair work at Shashi Tharoor’s residence. However during the investigation it had been found that the repair work at the Lodhi Garden house was over much before Sunanda had arrived in New Delhi.

The three persons have however maintained that she was staying at the hotel as there was repair work going on in the house. The police say that this is a lie and the repair had been completed much before she came to New Delhi.

Another complex issue is the power cut at the hotel in which Sunanda was staying. The police say that that at 7 PM on January 17 2014, there was a power cut in the hotel room number 345. This needs to be explained, but the three persons denied any knowledge of the same.

Why was there was a power cut in that room in particular. The power cut took place in the room just before her death. This is crucial to the investigation, but the three persons have remained silent about it.

Sunanda’s plan to expose Shashi

The three persons were asked repeatedly about Sunanda’s plans on calling for a press conference to expose Shashi Tharoor. However all of them denied any knowledge of this.

The police claim that they were well aware of this plan, but chose to remain silent about this before the police.

While seeking permission to conduct a polygraph test, the Delhi police said that the truth needs to come out. The court has summoned all three persons on May 20th.


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