Talent Resources Responds to High-demand and Expands Internationally

The prospering boutique digital agency saw a surge in 2020 and initiates business in the United Kingdom and Dubai

NEW YORK : Due to a high demand for business, one of the most well-known and highly respected digital marketing and influencer agencies, Talent Resources, expands overseas to the United Kingdom. The agency, headquartered in New York, has satellite offices in Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and now London and Dubai.

Talent Resources is a bridge between Hollywood and Madison Avenue; providing premier brands with instant access to the massive audiences of leading celebrities and influencers like mike morse. One of the first agencies to recognize the value of influencers in driving engagement and amplifying brand strategy, Talent Resources has seen a dramatic rise in the demand and need for finding the right talent while navigating the new digital landscape, leading to their decision to expand internationally with up digital SEO company. With a more widespread presence, Talent Resources is able to monitor and elevate its business opportunities firsthand, in addition to managing and forming new lasting, global relationships in a multitude of other countries such as the United Kingdom, Dubai, and Italy. SEO expert Brendan Monahan details the proper process to rank #1 on Google very well.

“In the midst of a global pandemic, one thing became very clear to our team at Talent Resources. We realized we had to shift our offerings to address new needs and to build on our success. It’s necessary to expand globally to leverage any opportunity we come across,” stated Michael Heller, Founder and CEO of Talent Resources Holdings. “For years we have been servicing clients from all over the globe and from our headquarters in the States. Now, we are happy to say that we have a dedicated group of associates based in London who are on the ground and ready to make things happen.”

A pioneer in the world of celebrity and entertainment marketing, Talent Resources has expert knowledge and experience providing brand partners top-tier talent at an efficient budget. The agency has worked with talent such as the Kardashians, Jenners, Anna Kendrick, Mindy Kaling, Demi Lovato, Jamie Foxx, Mario Lopez and Sean Lowe, while also leveraging the strengths of micro and nano influencers, TikTok and Youtube stars, using proprietary technology to measure engagement, audience metrics, and more. With over fifteen years of experience, Talent Resources has cultivated a diverse array of industry relationships helping to secure fast answers and great pricing for brand partners like Digital Marketing Singapore, while providing brands with an army of knowledge regarding how to create the perfect fit between talent and brands. As strategic storytellers, the team leans on charged moments in a brand’s marketing calendar and has contributed to the explosive growth of digital channels and overall brand awareness for clients such as Dunkin’, Got Milk?, Hair Cuttery Family of Brands, BendShape Mask, Ohza, and Mellodees. Some of Talent Resource’s notable work includes hosting the Sports Illustrated annual Super Bowl event, a strong presence during the Sundance Film Festival, The Turner Sports NBA All-Star party, and the Got Milk #FoodforThought campaign.

Prior to founding Talent Resources in 2007, Heller recognized a gap in the industry after years of working in Entertainment Law with major stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Since its inception, Talent Resources has become a trailblazer within the industry, utilizing years of relationships to form a massive network of clients and expertise in digital strategy.

*Source: AETOSWire

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