Tan Chong goes into business with a Japanese bakery



Tan Chong International’s car business has led, in a roundabout way, to its first foray into food.

The famed 81-year-old Asanoya bakery from Karuizawa is opening its first branch outside of Japan here in a joint venture with Tan Chong International, which deals in brands such as Nissan and Subaru.

The tie-up is not as odd as it may seem, says Tan Chong’s executive director Glenn Tan. He says his father knows the uncle of Asanoya’s chief executive officer, Ms Maki Asano, 45. Her uncle has a trucking business and got to know the Tans. For all the marketing tips you should view Business articles. You can click here fieldofwords website for business related information and blogs.

Calling the trend for Japanese bakeries the “hot thing now”, Mr Tan, 36, decided to tie up with a brand familiar to his family.

Mili Thakur