Tata Motors Shutting Down its Nano Plant


Tata Motors has recently launched the updated and refreshed Nano Twist in India. They have done an excellent job of repositioning the hatchback as a smart city car.

The Indian manufacturer produces its Nano at the Sanand facility in Gujarat. They have now decided to shut its manufacturing facility down for a matter of 30 to 40 days. No they are not shutting down the Nano project.


Tata is shutting its facility down due to the low demand of Nano. The Indian manufacturer explains there is a surplus in the inventory. They also have to prepare the facility for the production of a new Nano for the coming festivity.

Tata Motors will also be modifying its assembly line to accommodate its new project dubbed ‘Kite’. They will be manufacturing a compact sedan as well as a hatchback from the Sanand facility.

The Nano was once termed as ‘Most Affordable Car’ however, it has not reflected in terms of sales. There is a diminishing need for the compact car. The facility has been running for just two or three days in a week, this has been the scenario for the last six months.


Tata Motors spokesperson told source, “As with all our plants, the Sanand facility is closed as per annual planning for routine upgrades, maintenance and adding of tooling flexibility for new variants. The period for this kind of maintenance work may vary and range from 3-6 weeks.”

The Nano currently is managing to sell at around 2000 vehicles a month. This is due to the introduction of its new model with power steering or CNG fitted kit. Tata confirms the Twist model of the Nano has rekindled the Indian buyer and there is demand for it.

A person aware of the scenario said, “The company has had to take some tough measures. This includes keeping the plant shut instead of pushing inventory and incurring further loss. The company has been producing 2000 to 2400 cars every month for the last 6 months, but a zero schedule for June was a surprise.”


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