The China Edit | Alibaba, Zegna, Inditex, Apple Pay



“China’s ‘New Normal’ for Consumption” (The Financial Times)
“While multinationals have been bleating about tumbling sales in China, official retail data from the world’s second-biggest economy tells a more robust story. What gives?”

“Behind Zegna s Big Bet on Fill  (The Business of Fashion)
“Why did menswear giant Ermenegildo Zegna invest in a big budget film targeting China? BoF spoke to the brand’s creative director, Stefano Pilati, to find out.”

“Inditex’s Tmall Deal Shows an Evolving Approach to China” (The Financial Times)
“China is a critically important market for Inditex, and not just because of its hundreds of millions of increasingly fashion-conscious consumers. For western companies, China is evolving into a kind of laboratory for figuring out the most profitable way to tap the appetite for online apparel sales.”

“Alibaba’s First Earnings to Test Mettle, Investor Enthusiasm” (Reuters)
“Investors’ focus is on Alibaba’s profit margins, among the fattest in the global e-commerce industry and far outstripping those of loss-making Amazon.”

“Policy Change in China Helps Potential Alipay, Apple Pay Hook Up” (Fortune)
“Beijing’s decision to allow Visa, Mastercard and other foreign processors into the country is also good news for Alipay and Apple Pay.”

“Sales Down at Fashion Retailer I.T Amid Street Protests” (South China Morning Post)
“Fashion retailer I.T’s sales during the National Day golden week holiday dropped an average of 30 per cent, while some stores saw falls of 80 per cent, impacted by a month of street protests.”

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