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“Meet Yang Li, a Designer Putting China on Fashion’s Biggest Stage” (The Washington Post)
“Few of China’s designers have moved beyond their local market. Li is part of a new generation of Chinese designers determined to play internationally. And he is aiming at the highest level.”

“Tencent Leads $350M Investment In China’s Koudai Gouwu, A Mobile-Focused Rival To Alibaba” (TechCrunch)
“Alibaba’s record-breaking US IPO may give the impression that the company has the e-commerce market in China sewn up, but there are plenty of fast-growing competitors with an eye on disrupting the top dog. Koudai Gouwu is one such company.”

“China’s Starts Operations in $1 Billion Warehouse” (Reuters)
“Chinese e-commerce giant Inc said it had launched its warehouse and logistics initiative, ahead of China’s biggest online shopping event which produced sales of $1.6 billion for the firm last year.”

“Qatar Eyes $15bn Asia Spending Spree” (The Financial Times)
“Qatar’s purchase of a stake in Hong Kong department store chain Lifestyle International Holdings is the beginning of a potential $15bn spending spree targeting China, Japan and South Korea.”

“China’s economic growth falls to lowest in 5 years” (The Guardian)
“A further slowdown in China’s economy would likely cause some damage to the US economy, analysts forecast.”

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