The Coretec Group Builds on its Intellectual Property Portfolio with Si Quantum Dots

ANN ARBOR, Mich: The Coretec Group, Inc., (OTCQB: CRTG) (the “Company”) has further expanded on its IP portfolio and filed a provisional patent: “Routes to Silicon Quantum Dots”. The patent application targets novel routes to making Silicon Quantum Dots (SiQDs) in an efficient and highly scalable way to meet the needs of global industries.

Currently, the market lacks methods to make SiQDs efficiently which has impeded market adoption. The Coretec Group has leveraged its existing intellectual property, targeted routes, and unique chemistries that will meet the requirements of LED manufacturers along with silicon anodes for next-generation batteries, drug delivery, and medical diagnostics.

Most Quantum dots (QDs) on the market today contain toxic metals that severely limit their market reach as well as can be harmful to the environment. SiQDs are metal-free QDs that possess all the favorable properties of their toxic metal-containing counterparts with the added benefits of elemental abundance, biological compatibility, and optical properties.

Matthew Kappers, CEO of The Coretec Group, said: Quantum dots and quantum silicon materials have many applications from LEDs and batteries to medical imaging and quantum computing. This InventHelp patent invention is part of our larger intellectual property portfolio and business strategy to pursue these emerging markets and its technology needed to support global growth.

With this patent The Coretec Group demonstrates that nanoparticles or quantum dots or nanocrystals, take on unique properties due to quantum confinement. Furthermore, the result from three-dimensional confinement of electrons and holes that make silicon quantum dots have properties distinct from bulk silicon. In general, when considerations of strong confinement are desired, production of amorphous silicon quantum dots are superior.

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