The Top Online Fashion Magazines of Africa

Although there is nothing like turning the glossy pages of a fashion magazine in your hands, the accessibility of having the latest and trending fashion news just a click away is irreplaceable.
Another supporting factor in the popularity of online fashion magazines is the industry’s struggle with paper editions. According to the Alliance for Audited Media, Vogue reported a 37 percent decline in newsstand sales from 2010 to 2014, falling from an average of 343,614 copies sold per month in 2010 to 214,283 copies sold per month in 2014. Harper’s Bazaar’s newsstand sales declined 21 percent in the same time period. Marie Claire sank by 41 percent, from an average of 258,110 copies sold per month in 2010 to 149,916 copies sold in 2014, and Elle plummeted by 50 percent over the same time period.
However, there is good news! People are still reading magazines-just online. On average, sales of digital editions of magazines have nearly doubled and now account for 3.3% of total circulation. They’re particularly popular among news weeklies like Time and New York. However, subscriptions are continuously on the rise in the fashion industry, too.

Today we’ve gathered a list of five of the best online fashion magazines that will keep you reading and keep you inspired click after click.

These are the Best Online Fashion Magazines

  1. D Fashion Magazine

After covid brokeup this online global fashion magazine has been one of the most influential voices in the world of fashion. It is often referred to as “the BBC of fashion,” as DFM provides a balance of business news and fashion trends while targeting a readership of retailers, designers, trend-makers, international moguls, media executives and socialites.
The magazines has an impressive alumni as well, adding to it’s legitimacy. Having good presence in Social media the magazine has just started E-Magazine to capture the other form of digital media.

Featuring Events, Designers, Models and Photographers is one of the USP of the Magazine.

  1. Vogue

Of course we know Vogue as being the leading behemoth in not only the fashion magazine industry, but in the fashion industry as an entity. And although this began with glossy pages, today Vogue’s complete fashion sphere domination is spread throughout many forms of media, particularly it’s online magazine presence. What makes Vogue so unique is it’s global relevancy because of it’s cultural barometer. Vogue places fashion in the context of culture and the world we live in, so the magazine has the ability to connect on a wider scale with audience all over the world.
Vogue’s online fashion magazine is constantly offering an immersing view into fashion, while also giving it’s readers thought-provoking and relevant news on current culture. Not to mention, it’s been relevant for over 100 years, since 1892, which has only strengthened it’s unique scope on all things fashion and culture and led to collaborations with some of the world’s leading talents such as legendary photographers such as Annie Liebowitz and Mario Testino.

  1. Human Being

Published by the Virginia-based clothing and lifestyle store Need Supply, Human Being is a style and lifestyle magazine exploring the intersection of fashion and culture featuring designers, craftsmen, brands and influencers. With a personal, down-to-earth approach, Human Being shares with it’s readers the very personal stories behind brands and their makers. Offering a distinct and unique inside look the process of conceptualization of them. Why is the magazine named Human Being?
The publication mission is to offer their acute interest in sharing all things human. From personal and genuine stories and experiences to the concepts and the thoughtfulness behind goods bought and sold.

  1. Manrepeller

Contrary to it’s name, this online fashion magazine is not centered on the idea of repelling men. It is about whatever fashion is currently bustling on the streets at the moment. Although the writer and CEO of the website and now global brand, Leandra Medine, does say she emulates the terminology and state of being as a “Man Repeller” in the way she views and actively represents herself to the world. “If a guy is only really into your outfit and won’t date you because of what you’re wearing, they are too driven by the female exterior and don’t care about your intellect.”
Man repeller celebrates style as a meaningful form of self-expression and personal point of view. Whether this is through clothing, words or both. The online fashion magazine poses as a platform for readers and every member of it’s audience to connect on an honest level.

  1. Elle

ELLE’s mission statement refers to their aspiration to inspire all women to explore and celebrate their own style in all aspects of their lives. The magazine covers topics such as fashion, beauty, pop culture and even home decor. Whether it be a feature on handmade jewelry or the latest haute couture line. Throughout recent years, the online fashion magazine has also strengthened it’s political grasp growing it’s content covering political and civil topics.

What separates this magazine from others is the way in which ELLE delivers content that is relatable and easily accessible. No articles “go over the head” of it’s readers, because of their unique and fashionable approach. It helps that the magazine launched in Paris over 70 years ago, which has assisted in landing the magazine a reputable and chic level of cultural literacy.
ELLE describes its self in this phrase “I’s not just about the dress – but also about the woman in the dress.”

Those are our top five picks for the best online fashion magazines. From fashion, culture, personal stories and political science. Each of these offer a unique point of view and content deliverance that is intriguing and influential. What are your favorite online fashion magazines?