Three Effective Ways Optimize Your Facebook Page

Marketing always plays a crucial role to enhance a business. It is that indirect expense which leads to a direct income. From posters to T.V ads and from football jerseys to Facebook, we see new and interesting marketing strategies everywhere. Facebook,  alone covers  21.7% of global online marketing space. So, here I’ll tell you some exciting ways to optimize your business strategies using Facebook.

1. Choose an easy name and URL

Let’s get the basics right by choosing a good name for your business’s fan page. Keep it simple and short. With an easy name you also need to have an easy URL, so that the people whom you suggest it to, may fix it in their mind instantly.

2. Make more use of keywords

Make sure you use proper keywords. Put it in your posts, status, comments and all the other places. This will make search engines attract more traffic to your page via those keywords. Another tip, include those keywords in the ‘About’ section to multiply the effect.

3. Keep posting.

Marketing on Facebook is all about being active on your page. Upload suitable stuffs, interacting with fans and a lot more mentioned below.

Do’s related to posts.

i) Upload ample material in form of videos, images and writings which will help you promote your products or services.

ii) When people reply on your shared posts try to reply them back in a good spirit.

iii) Try to post a question related to your type of business to get your fans involved  in the conversation. Whether you get weird or unexpected replies, appreciate your users for it.

iv) Be  kind and humble when it comes to interacting with fans via comments/messages.

v) Keep updating cover poster with new details for example, if there’s a sale, or there’s a new product/service launching.

Don’t s related to posts.

i) Never ever use a foul word. Neither in posts and most importantly while interacting with a fan even if he/she is being rude.

ii) Don’t make any grammatical errors while you make interactions. This could dissolve your social reputation.

iii) Social signals will play a bigger role than anything else. And those social signs for Facebook will be fans’ comments and messages. So, if you get those you’re on the right track.

Some other ways to improve fan following and outreach.

Advertising page on Facebook

Facebook also promotes your page if you wish to pay. The amount depends on factors like area  and time period of promoting. This promotion works as a suggestion (to like your page) on the homepage of certain users. But, at the end of the day number of likes received depends on quality of the business you are promoting. Make sure you contact the guys at Freshlinks to help with your online growth in terms of SEO.

Perform Giveaways

Whatever your page is related to, if you follow this you’ll surely get some likes. But you’ll have to pay some bucks for it as well. Giveaways work as follows:

Post an attractive post on the page saying you are giving away Gift cards/electronic product/Goodies/Passes or anything.

Ask your fans or other people to:

i) ‘LIKE’ and ‘SHARE’ that post. (So that it reaches their friends’ wall)

ii) Like your page. (Very important)

iii) Invite their friends to like their page and take part in giveaways. (Very important)

Then play some easy quiz-like competition and select the winner fairly. This can get you lot of fan following depending on the gift you offer as a giveaway. But, if you fake it you’ll be paying a heavy price, people will lose faith in you.

So, go and use these strategies to get  optimum results.


About the author

Asmaa Mubita is a Kenyan journalist of international repute with over fifteen years of experience in broadcast journalism. Asmaa Mubita began his journalism career at the Kenyan state broadcaster (KBC) and later worked at the KTN owned by the Standard Group and Citizen Television, the flagship brand of Royal Media Services. These exploits together with his reporting experience with the Voice of America, CNN and BBC have been rewarded with local and global recognition.