Top 10 Exotic Destinations for 2014


There are numerous places in the world which are famous for their own reasons. However, it is not always that you come across seasoned travellers who do not want to visit the beaten paths like Egypt, France or South Africa. Here are some really cool places which are so ex High Converting New Niche otic that they will blow your mind away. Go ahead and visit these exotic destinations and experience a different and new culture!


Serbia is one of those countries which have been really misunderstood. A visit to the country will tell you that they have some of the hottest people, (Novak Djokovic, for example) but also some of the most complicated situations in the modern world. While the West has demonized the nation, Serbs just want to be accepted for what they are, and perhaps they are not asking for too much. Moreover, hate will only beget hate. Nevertheless, Serbia is a country with amazing cities, and Belgrade is a well known party destination. It is a wild, wild city. Serbia can offer you parties, beautiful people, loads of booze and of course all this at a very cheap cost.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a surprise that most International Travellers are not aware of. The country has suffered a lot due to the political history as well, and there is a lot to learn for the discerning tourist. Its coffee plantations, tropical forests and the quaint cities with Spanish architecture provide tourists with an opportunity to discover an entirely new world.

Easter Island
This Island off the coast of Chile is a mystery till date. While the natives seem to regard the stone sculptures there as something supernatural, many believe it was built by islanders themselves. Moreover, the people seem to have immigrated from the South Pacific Islands, to make things more complicated. Unravel the mystery of the Easter Island!

This Central Asian nation suffered some of the most troubled times under Chinese and Russian interventions. After Capitalism set in, the capital city Ulan Bator can no longer be recognized and is now an amazing place to start your journey to discover Mongolia, the Steppes, Gobi Desert and the paths that took Genghis Khan to his conquests.


Iceland is one of the most affluent countries in the world, and one of the most picturesque as well. Its capital Reykjavik has numerous bars, nightclubs and Iceland’s most famous export to the world, Bjork, makes this country really special. If you have listened to Bjork’s songs, you would know Iceland is one helluva place to visit.

Chile is a land that contradicts itself. While being a Roman Catholic country, it is also one of the most liberal of most Christian countries. Moreover, it has varied vegetation and landscape, and you could choose to party in Santiago, or scale the Andes, or visit the deserts in the south.

While Russia is often visited, its Asian part, also called Siberia is often not visited. The vastness of Siberia can be conquered thanks to the Trans-Siberian Railway. Take a trip on this train and experience the beauty of Lake Baikal and Irkutsk.

If isolation and secluded beaches are what you are looking for, you should go ahead and visit Tahiti. This South Pacific Island has some of the best beaches at Bora Bora and Papeete, its capital has lovely boutiques. With great climate, you couldn’t ask more!

Tunisia is located in Northern Africa and is one of the more liberal nations in the Arab world. People speak French so it should not be a problem for those who understand French. Moreover, the country is littered with Archaeological wonders and ruins, which are a must-see for any traveller.

No traveller can call himself well travelled without visiting Transylvania and shaking hands with a couple of sexy vampires. The land of vampires, Transylvania is located in Romania and is one of the most beautiful, and also one of the creepiest. Go to Transylvania, and make friends with vampires!

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