Top Benefits of Technology Integrated Learning


Technology has become one of the basic necessities of mankind and is now an integral for the advancement of a society. Even in education, technology has been playing a very crucial role by making learning more engaging, effective and student-friendly.

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  • Accessibility and Cost

With the advent of the internet, knowledge is now easier to access and for cheaper. Any individual from any corner of the world can access the whole sea of knowledge with just a few clicks. This way, students studying in class 6 can download NCERT solutions for class 6 maths or science easily for free of cost.

  • Engagement

With technology like 3D animations, games, simulations, etc., students can be more engaged with the learning process. As they visualize the topics, they tend to understand the concepts better and retain them for longer.

  • Adaptive Learning

With adaptive technology, it is possible to cater to the individual requirements of the students. With personalized learning, students can learn at their own pace and style and at their own convenience. Adaptive technology also helps to analyze the progress of the students by providing detailed analysis.

These were the three main benefits of technology integrated learning. Apart from these, technology has made distance learning possible and has even made learning more effective with the different tools. The internet is one of the major boons of technology from where students can learn anything. For example, if a class 11 student gets a doubt about a particular NCERT physics problem, he/ she can easily get the NCERT solutions for class 11 physics and clear their doubts.

In the near future, technology will be an integral part of most of the educational institutes and will surely revolutionize the whole education process by making learning more accessible, engaging, effective and student friendly.

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