Transformers The Last Knight Show Explosions in next one

Since “Transformers: The Last Knight” filming has started last month, Michael Bay has shared a number of set photos featuring the official cars that will be used as the Transformers. The director has now shared more behind-the-scenes photos on his Instagram account, including an image showing explosions.

Bay shared two new images from the filming set. One image features the filmmaker “creating some wicked action in 116 degree.” Two vehicles can be seen being suspended in mid-air. The grey car can be seen having a machine gun attached to its top. Judging by the look, Bay will likely film a scene that features bumping cars in the air.
The other picture was shared by the filmmaker on Monday, July 4. It shows explosions in what seems to be an abandoned city. Several soldiers and military vehicles can be seen near the blast. It is unclear whether the main cast members are on set or not.

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