Uganda, Kenya strike deal on Migingo


Kenyan and Ugandan governments have struck a deal that will see Kenyan fishermen operating in Migingo Island freely on the Ugandan waters.

According to  , in the deal, Ugandan security personnel will also be allowed to cross over to Kenyan beaches for food and medical supplies in a move expected to help reduce tension on the disputed island.



Mig7202014Speaking from the island, Nyatike Sub-county Commissioner James Namtala said the agreement was reached after a joint meeting by senior government and security personnel from both Kenya and Uganda.

“We are glad that we have found a solution to this problem. Our fishermen will now be able to go on with their activities without fear of arrests,” he said.

The leaders also agreed to have a joint Beach Management Unit (BMU), which will have officials from both Kenya and Uganda as opposed to the current set up where each country has its own officials.

Mili Thakur