Unfair to blame Rahul for Congress poll debacle: Chandy


Chandy said that it is not proper to single out any particular leader for the debacle. He added that the party takes collective responsibility in victories as well as defeat.

“The outcome of the elections has already been evaluated by the party in that sense,” Chandy said .

He reposed total faith in the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul and said that the Congress will make a comeback.

Chandy said that the party should take the defeat positively and engage increasingly with the people without treating them as adversaries in the backdrop of the present setback. He expressed confidence that Sonia and Rahul can help the party regain its lost glory.

Referring to the Congress’ good performance in Lok Sabha polls, Chandy said that the Congress lives in the hearts of the people.


He added that history tells us that the party has comeback from reversals. “The classic instance was its revival after the defeat in 1977 under the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi,” Chandy noted.

The UDF led by Chandy won 12 of the 20 seats, which include 8 from the Congress. The Kerala CM said that the defeat should be taken in a positive spirit.

He suggested that the party leaders and functionaries at all levels should work more closely with the people.