Veteran actor Satish Kaushik says Meerut is now an important centre for the showbiz industry

Actor, theatre artiste and director – Satish Kaushik has donned all these hats. Best known for his comic roles, the actor has been touring different cities for the promotion of his upcoming TV show. In the city recently, he spoke to us about the importance of Meerut in the entertainment industry, the city’s image as a centre for arts, and what he likes the best about it
Meerut has become an important centre for TV and films

Satish Kaushik says that he was overjoyed when he was approached by the channel to do a promotional event for his show in Meerut. He says, “I have been to Meerut once before… a few years ago, and I have had a very good experience then. So naturally, I was very happy at the prospect of returning to this wonderful city. Meerut is emerging as an important centre for both television and films. The audience here is considered a good cross-sectional representation of the small town audience across the country. So, producers feel that if a show or film is successfully received in Meerut, the chances of its success across similar towns are greater. This is why you have seen so many filmstars and TV actors coming to Meerut over the last few years.”
Meerut, a city of extremes

Calling Meerut a city of extremes, the actor says that the two most striking aspects of the city to him are the traffic on the roads and the food. He elaborates, “Since I have come here on short visits, I have only seen little of the city. But yes, the city seems intriguing, because the traffic and crowd here looks unsystematic. Then, on the other hand, you have the mouth-watering delicacies offered by the city as well. Mere liye toh Meerut shehar hai bheed-bhaad ka aur khaane ka. You have good street food here, the special shikanji in Modinagar, and so much more. Being a foodie, I love this aspect of Meerut.”
Meerut is evolving into a centre of arts

Having visited the city a few years ago, Kaushik says that he has observed a sea change in the city and its attitude towards arts between the two visits. He says, “The biggest difference I noticed in the city from the last time I visited, is that Meerut is becoming a city that gives importance to performing arts now. You have a film institute here now, films are being shot in the city, artistes make regular visits, and musicians perform here. These are good signs for any growing city because growth in art and culture should always accompany economic growth. Meerut is close to Delhi and NCR, which means that it has the opportunity to imbibe the best in art and culture from the capital while retaining its earthy UP appeal.”

Small town audiences have become more mature

Kaushik says that now the audiences in small towns like Meerut have started showing greater maturity, which augurs well for the industry. He says, “The audiences in small towns are changing as the section of educated youth has grown larger.This means they want better content for television. This feedback will sooner or later reach the creators of the shows and based on customer demand, they will have to create better shows. After all, it all depends on what the audience wants in the end.”


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