Vivid Entertainment offer medical surgery Roberto Esquivel Cabrera Which 19-inch penis

The saga of Roberto Esquivel Cabrera continues for another day and another update. Originally, it was reported that Cabrera possessed the “world’s largest penis” at 19 inches. A graphic video posted the member of Roberto being examined as it was wrapped in a sheath and weighed, reportedly appearing to weigh two pounds. The plight of Cabrera enthralled readers who shared his story on social media in the thousands and made Roberto’s article go viral.

Cabrera’s penis may actually be six inches instead of the 19 inches being bandied about, with the rest of the member being made up with excess skin. Roberto had received an offer from the head of Vivid Entertainment, Steven Hirsch, offering a sex tape deal to the Mexican native. It was reported that language barriers and other issues were preventing the deal from closing.

Meanwhile, Roberto complained that his 19-inch penis was negatively affecting his life. Whereas some folks would joke about a very large penis being the type of thing that plenty of men would want, there wasn’t much penis envy inspired by Cabrera’s case. Roberto reported that he couldn’t get a girlfriend because women were afraid of his genitalia. Also, Cabrera said that his crotch issues made it hard for him to kneel at church and pray.


BEVERLY HILLS, CA - AUGUST 21: Steven Hirsch sighting at BOA restaurant on August 21, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by David Aguilera/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic)
Perhaps it’s those issues that prompted Hirsch to offer to pay for Cabrera’s corrective surgery on his penis. Although it could seem from the onset that the Vivid honcho’s offer to take care of Roberto’s penis problems could mean that Hirsch was only offering to pay for the medical treatment in order to prepare Cabrera for XXX movies, that might not be his only motive.

Photos of Roberto’s two-pound penis reportedly shocked Hirsch — to the point where Hirsch said he would pay for surgery even if there is no sex tape. Cabrera’s penis, if it is indeed an approximately 6-inch penis, with the remaining portions being excess skin, would likely benefit from safe surgery to get rid of the unneeded skin. Ensuring that no important nerves or veins are severed during a corrective surgery, the doctors that operate on Roberto’s penis would likely give the man a gift that could greatly improve his life.


With Vivid Entertainment being known as the company that arranged Mimi Faust’s famous sex tape, this altruistic offer to pay for Cabrera’s penis surgery might change the public view of the Los Angeles firm.



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