Wat Rong Khun (The White Temple) is a contemporary Buddhist temple situated in Chang Rai, Thailand. Is different than any other temple in Thailand; it is actually a unique structure that can be only seen in Asia.
An extravagant artistic temple outshines even the most fabulous of traditional Buddhist temples. Buddhist and Hindi in origin, the temples artist, Chalermchai Kositpipat began construction in 1997 both as an offering and as an important statement against the charms of the modern world.
The temple is almost entirely white and for that reason it is often called the White Temple. It is decorated only with little glasses which create the illusion of space and give it fairy appearance. The white symbolizes the purity of Buddha while the glass – its endless wisdom that enlightens the world and the whole universe. Wat Rong Khun is built to be observed in moon light because when the moon is shining, you witness the most incredible view in Thailand.

White spires climb out of the building’s slanted roofs, and the jagged bridge leads visitors across a reflective pool that makes the sight, quite literally, twice as impressive. Representative of Lord Buddha’s purity and wisdom, the white color is a spectacle on its own, but the white mirrors send light sending bright beams shooting out at almost every angle is the real marvel. Perhaps the most bizarre elements of the temple are the modern pop culture references splattered throughout, like the Keanu Reeves and Michael Jackson paintings in the assembly hall and the Predator sculpture climbing out of the ground at the temple’s main entrance. You’ll also notice a sea of sculpted hands desperately attempting to climb their way out of a pit alongside the bridge. While the temple is not the most spiritually stirring of all of the Thai wats, it is certainly a spectacle.

For any travelers, if you think you have seen all architectures in the world, this place will change your mind and if you are suffering from temple fatigue trip in Thailand. Wat Rong khun is the place for thought provoking and inspiring. Admire yet another one of the unbelievable human achievements on the territory of exciting Asia.

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