Ways To Advance Your Career


The holidays are the time of year to spend with your friends and family, to reconnect and catch up. It is also the time of year everyone takes stock, and begins making goals for the new year. Instead of waiting until January to set goals and take action, start thinking about them now, while you’re in a natural time of year to socialize with friends old and new often, and seek their advice and connections while celebrating the season. If you utilize this time, you can organically make more connections and reconnections than you could in the new year, and it’s also a time of year people are looking to give back, and ways to be generous, whether it’s with their time, guidance or resources.

Ask Your Parents To Help You

Your parents have second or third cousins you’ve never met, but may work in your industry. Your parents have friends, their friends have friends, their colleague’s kids has friends, etc. Asking your parents for help opens up a whole other network for you to tap, it is a waste not to use it. The holiday season is a major time people reconnect, and see each other socially at everyone’s holiday parties. Ask them to open up their Rolodex, and when they see people who can help you, they’ll ask. It’s a waste to wait until January, take advantage of your parents seeing their friends, family and colleagues socially.

Reconnect With High School And Childhood Friends

Black Wednesday (the Wednesday before Thanksgiving) is a popular time for young people, home to see their families, to go out around their childhood home and see their high school and elementary school friends. If there is someone who perhaps can help you professionally that you grew up with, whether they work for a company you want to work for, or their parents may work for, or their parents friends may work for, etc. It is an organic time to reconnect, and people are more often than not eager to help, so muster the courage to ask for their help.

Buy People Coffee

When connections are made, ask if you can treat them to a cup of coffee for 15 minutes of their time. Chances are, they will give you more than that, you will learn some thing about the company they work for or your profession that you didn’t know 15 minutes earlier and you will have made a solid connection that you can follow up on. Make room in your budget for buying people coffee, because it could be one of those cups of coffee that connects you to the right opportunity.

Help When You Can

Sometimes, your friends or family whom you’ve asked for assistance,may ask you to reciprocate with an introduction- do not hesitate to do this. Building good will only helps you down the line, and building your reputation as someone helpful and generous will come back to you and enrich your life personally and professionally.