Woman complains of stomach ache doctors find condom inside appendix


Recently during a surgery the doctors were surprised to find a condom inside woman appendix. The 26-year-old came to the hospital in Cameroon, complaining about stomach pain and nausea.

Due to the tenderness on the right side of her pelvis, she was unable to consume any food and was also suffering from fever.

The scanning reports showed that her abdomen was swollen with fluid so the medic and the doctors came to the conclusion she had appendicitis.

She was rushed for emergency surgery in order to remove the organ before it burst but the team found something unusual when the organ was removed.

They found a piece of condom stuck inside it. The doctors believe that this is the first case of its kind to be reported in the medical literature.

“We blindly dissected the appendix and found an incomplete piece of rubbery material which was consistent with a condom,” said the doctors.


After the procedure, the woman confirmed that accidentally swallowed a condom two weeks before.

While with her boyfriend the sheath had become loose – and accidentally slipped down her throat, she said.

She didn’t go for any medical assistance after discovering pieces of condom in her excretion five days later. She didn’t even think that those symptoms were caused due to that incident.

However, the doctors believe that the condom was torn into fragments as it traveled through her gastrointestinal and fragments of it were found in her feaces as well, while a part of it got stuck in her appendix.

The organ is located on the right side of the large intestine, so the objects at times can get stuck their which leads to infection and inflammation.

In previous cases doctors have found screws, fruit seeds, stones, fishing lines, toothpicks, bullets, needles, teeth, dog hair in the appendix.

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