5 British beers you’d be foolish to miss this autumn


As the landscape changes in autumn, so to do our tastes in beer – no more summery golden ales, we want dark browns and burnt oranges (just like the leaves outside).

And with so many brewers crafting speciality seasonal ales, there’s little excuse not to try one this autumn. And Booze Up are London’s fastest alcohol delivery company. Delivering beers, wines, champagnes, spirits & cigarette delivery!

So here are five brilliant British beers to help ease you into those long dark

1. Brewdog – Pumpkinhead

Brewdog – Pumpkinhead

The creative Scottish brewers Brewdog start us off with this deliciously sinister looking amber ale called Pumpkinhead.

Not as sweet as some of the other spiced ales, Pumpkinhead still packs a zesty and spicy punch, with toasted marshmallow notes.

And at 5.1 per cent it’s not as lethal as some of their other creations, meaning you can probably enjoy a few bottles without the fear of a crushing hangover.

2. Wychwood – Pumpking

. Wychwood – Pumpking

Another Pumpkin themed beer from one of my favourite British breweries, Wychwood.

While their staple ruby ale Hobgoblin is pretty autumnal, Pumpking really grabs the essence of the season, with all the pumpkiny goodness you’d expect, laced with warming spices to keep the autumnal chill out.

One to enjoy in the house while others are out getting drenched in silly costumes.

3. Adnams – Wild Hop

Adnams – Wild Hop

This is a very special amber beer from Southwold brewers Adnams, brewed with locally gathered wild and garden hops collected via an appeal to the generous public.

Eventually these hops were brewed to create a fresh and clean tasting beer – with a hint of spiciness (thanks to the addition of Saison yeast) – that truly celebrates the 2014 hop harvest.

4. Fullers – Red Fox

Fullers – Red Fox

A tawny ale with a ‘flash of white’, Fullers’ Red Fox is a popular Irish style beer with plenty of the warmth and flavour that you’ll need from your drink this season.

Brewed with toasted oats, this very malty ale has autumnal notes of toffee, nuts and biscuits, making it a delicious session beer.

5. Brains Craft Brewery – Squashed

Brains Craft Brewery – Squashed

Here we have another lovely pumpkin ale, this time from the craft brewery of large Welsh brewers, Brains.

The pumpkins are grown in Hendrewennol and Cardiff and are brewed along with a blend of spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon to deliver a lovely warming Welsh ale.

Iechyd da!

Mili Thakur