About American movies shots in Portugal


When you think about beautiful movie scenes and movie actors, you might think of Cannes, Sardinia or possibly Beverly Hills. But what about Portugal?


      It’s no surprise that Wim Wenders shot his films “Lisbon Story” and “The state of things” in Lisbon as they clearly used this city as a part of the story. But did you know that “Invisible circus”, directed by Adam Brooks, with Cameron Diaz, was partially shot in Portugal too? Same thing about The Dancer Upstairs directed by John Malkovich.

     Remember the Mexican landscape of “The House of the Spirits” with Antonio Banderas and Meryl Streep? Well, actually it was a Portuguese landscape as that movie was filmed in Alentejo, a beautiful region of flat and dry land, with great wines and food, in the south of Portugal.

     And where was Ian Flemming when he “created” the most famous international spy, James Bond? In Hotel Palacio, in Estoril. The Casino of Estoril gave him the inspiration to write “Casino Royale” and “On his majesty’s secret service” were featured many scenes of Praia do Guincho, near Cascais. This was definitely a perfect set for the incurable romantic and the dreamers.

      More recently Bille August directed “Night train to Lisbon” a movie that should come out really soon. It’s based on the homonymous novel by Pascal Mercier and after reading the book, I just can’t wait to watch the movie.

Take the lead and come along to shoot your very own movie in Lisbon!

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