Africa’s last polar bear dies after months of grieving longtime companion


The last polar bear in Africa died Wednesday after months of grieving his longtime companion at a zoo in Johannesburg, a far cry from his Arctic habitat.
Wang, 28, suffered from chronic arthritis and liver failure.
The Johannesburg Zoo, where he had been a major attraction since he was a cub, put him down for health reasons.
The chief veterinarian “had to make a very tough decision,” the zoo said in a statement after his death.
The furry giant spent his last days pining for GeeBee, his polar bear partner of 28 years, who died of a heart attack in January.


GeeBee and Wang had spent their days together at the zoo since they were 6 months old. It was a notable friendship — polar bears tend to be solitary animals.
After her death, Wang walked around listless and shunned food and swimming, the latter a favorite pastime with GeeBee.
To distract him from his heartbreak so he could eat and improve his health, the zoo coaxed him with special treats and showered him with toys.

For Valentine’s Day this year, zoo officials brought Wang a box filled with fruit and meat, and decorated it with love hearts and a note that said, “We Love You Wang!”

Companies also showered him with toys and gifts, including an offer of a snow machine in the hopes that it might excite the animal long associated with subzero temperatures.
But Wang had lived his entire life in a warm climate, and a sudden change in environment would be fatal for his advanced age, the zoo said at the time.

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