Alaska: Pavlof volcano eruption escalates, alert level raised


What started as a small eruption at Alaska’s Pavlof over the weekend has changed into a major one with reports of the eruption intensifying.

Pilots who flew near the volcano have reported that the plume rising from the small eruption have now reached more than 6.5 km (22,000 feet).

The latest update from the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) has reported that the plume has been seen drifting 80 km to the southeast in satellite images. This change has prompted AVO to raise the Aviation Alert Status for Pavlof Red/Warning.Pavlof-Volcano-eruption-escalates-triggers-official-warning

The latest eruption occurred more than a year after the last eruption at Pavlof.

The activity was classified as being similar to strombolian eruptions judging from the images of the eruption taken from nearby.

The pictures showed lava flowing down the flanks of the volcano.

The signal was moved to Orange/Watch on May 31 after the volcano quieted itself last year after a few months of activity.

The AVO signal was moved to Green/Normal after the volcano went quiet last year.