Alia Bhatt Takes on Haters in Hilarious Video. Ask Her Anything

Actress Alia Bhatt’s ignorance of school-level general knowledge questions may have made her the butt of jokes online but nobody’s laughing harder than the Student of the Year herself now.


A hilarious YouTube video called Alia Bhatt: Genius of the Year follows Alia as she pumps mental iron at a gym named Dumb Belle. A trainer puts her through her Alia-style brain workouts, threatening to burn her favourite top if she can’t answer questions like who invented television (no, not Mr Phillips).

Karan Johar (NRI Emotion Exploiter), Arjun Kapoor (Gareebon ka Wolverine) and Parineeti Chopra (The Other PC) make equally hilarious cameo appearances.

Alia, who now knows all about lithium chlorine fluorine, appears on the dreaded Koffee With Karan – site of her real life quiz fail – for an acid test. Some months ago, she failed to correctly name the President of India, and answer other questions, on the chat show.

Does she pass this time? Is this Student ready to graduate? Watch the video below to find out.