Android Travel Apps to Download Before Starting To India


Technology has taken control today. There is an app ready for everything today. These apps would help you to perform your activities easily. When it comes to travel, there are a lot of apps that you can download to make your travel easier. Top apps would include apps for booking your ticket, booking hotels, managing important documents and mails and so on. But, are there any specific apps that would help your travel to India easier? This article points out top five travel related apps that would come handy in your trip to India.

Just dial

Do you want to know nearby pizza outlet, doctor, pharmacy, shopping spot, hotels or any other service? All you need to do is install Just dial app on your phone and get the address of nearest services be listed to you through message and mail. This would help you to choose the services near you. You can find almost all services here. On the other hand, if you want just an app for food, Zomato is the most considerable app.



This is a new app that is developed by the government of India. This app helps tourists to find way, organize your trip and get information about destination like tourist attractions nearby, interests based on budget. It also helps you to create a detailed itinerary. Starting from time taken to reach destination to locating ATMs near you, this app is an answer to most of your tour related queries.


Audio compass

Audio compass is an app that is provided by the ministry of tourism of India. This app has audio tour guide about more than 1000 tourist destinations. This app works offline too. Thus, you can save a lot on data charges when you are in international roaming. This would help you to learn more about the destination without worry about bias and foreign accent. Most of guides are paid, but you would be saving a lot more than that in data charges.


Book my show

If you are in India and want to catch some event for celebration, Book my show app would come handy. Starting from very popular events like international cricket matches to subtle celebrations like surf festival, you can book events and shows within a matter of minutes. Movies, events, plays, festivals, sports and a lot of other can be booked with the help of this app. The receipt is sent to your mail and phone. All you need to do is show your mail to get your pass at the event centre. This app also works on various cities of the country.


There are a lot more apps like Redbus, makemytrip, bookingnow, oyerooms, ola or uber and so on. Most of the apps are free and certain apps come for a price. Choose the app that would suit you and your style of vacation. It is always better to download the app and learn how to use it before you start your tour. Most of the app would require you to download certain guides to use. Downloading big files in international roaming would cost you a lot. Thus, download and save required files before you start your trip.

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