Anti-Skin bleaching is targeted at the youth – Actress McBrwon


Nana Ama McBrown, one of the prolific actresses in Ghana, has cautioned the public, especially the youth against bleaching of their skins, which could affect their kidney and lead to cancers.

She said bleaching has many health implications on the body and could cause death.

The sexy actress gave the caution based on a campaign to fight against skin bleaching and skin toning initiated by fellow actress Ama K. Abebrese.? ?McBrown observed that any hand or body lotion that could change the colour of the nail and the palm after use could cause cancer and affect the kidney.


“Our motive for the campaign is not to attack anyone because skin bleaching is one’s decision. Our target for this initiative is the youth, especially those in our second cycle schools. The girls mostly bleach their skins due to negative peer influence, so we are not condemning anyone but to create the awareness of having our natural skin.

Though majority are in love with our campaign, but you know definitely people will kick against it. I can say so far the responds are massive.”

The actress said the youth should be proud of their skins given to them by God to withstand our climate conditions.

Mili Thakur