Asanha Bucha – A thai festival


Also known as Asanha Puja Day, this day commemorates the first sermon by Buddha in the deer park.  It falls on the day before the start of Buddhist lent and is determined by the first full moon of the eighth lunar month.  As this day marks the first ever Buddhist monk ordainment, it is a popular choice of day for Thais to enter monkhood.

Date of Asalha Puja
Asalha Puja is celebrated on the full moon of the eighth month in lunar calendar. In Gregorian calendar, Asalha Puja usually falls on July, yet, the date of Asalha Puja may vary from year to year due to different date calculations between Gregorian calendar and lunar calendar.

When is Asalha Puja 2014?
Asalha Puja 2014 falls on Friday, 11 July 2014.

Origin of Asalha Puja
After the enlightenment of Buddha on the full moon of Vesakha in Buddhist calendar, Buddha decided to go the Benaras because of the insistence of His friends. After Reaching Benaras, Buddha gave His first teaching to his five former associates concerning the four noble truth – all life is suffering (dukka), origin of suffering is craving (tanha), there is a cessation (nibbana) beyond suffering and craving, the way to cessation is through the eightfold path.
Asalha Puja Celebration
In Thailand, Asalha Puja / Asanha Bucha is observed as a public holiday; thus, most businesses, government offices, and banks are closed. People are granted a day off so that they are able to visit temples, give offerings to the monks, and listen to sermons during Asalha Puja Day. In Indonesia, the main celebration of Asalha Puja takes place in Mendut temple, Central Java, about 3 kilometers from Borobudur temple.

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