Asian Olympic Council to Support Afghan Athletics


Upon returning from the Asian Olympic Council’s conference in Bahrain, Fahim Hashemi, the head of the National Olympic Committee of Afghanistan, announced that the Olympic Council plans to support the continued growth of sports in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan had one of its most successful years in athletics in 2013. The National Football Team won its first international title in history and the Cricket Team qualified for the World Cup for the very first time.

Mr. Hashemi said preparations for Afghan athletes competing in the upcoming Youth Olympics in China and Asian Olympics in South Korea are also a hot topic at the moment.

“I am planning to send 24 athletes in seven fields of sports to the Asian Olympics taking place in two months in South Korea,” he said. “I will also introduce youth for the Youth Olympics in China as well, in the fields of Taekwondo, wrestling and boxing.”

While calling for government support of Afghan athletes, Mr. Hashemi also said it would be important that the government not interfere in the work of the Olympic Committee.

This was the first time that Mr. Hashemi represented Afghanistan in the Asian Olympics Council conference. Mr. Hashemi was elected as the director of the Afghan Olympic Committee last month.

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