Become your dream in reality

Building a custom dream home on your own lot can seem like a daunting task, but following a few of these tips can make the process as smooth as possible.

Have a Good Relationship with Your Builder

It’s important that you have a good working relationship with your builder. The experts at say the process of planning, breaking ground, and construction you will involve working closely together, to make sure to spend time interviewing your builder and get to know them before you start to partner with them.

Plan Enough Time

The process of building a custom home may take a bit longer than you would think.  When you consider that you and the great builders from OSHolding will need to design, make key decisions on materials, survey your lot, and go through the permitting process before you even break ground; you can start to see how the time can add up.

You should allow twelve to twenty-four months for the entire process depending on the size and location of your dream home, check out these dumpsters for rent deals if you are looking to save on your next construction project.

Think About Where Your Large Furniture Will Go

During the design process, you will  want to envision where all of your large furniture will go before you get to far along in the process.  Will you have adequate space for couches, beds, and exercise equipment?

Does your design allow for comfortable passage around your furniture?  Will you have enough furniture to fill up the space so it doesn’t seem empty?

Plan Out Your Storage Space

How much storage space will you need?  The answer will determine key aspects of your home design including the size of your closets, garage, basement, and whether or not you’ll need a shed. You can invest in a good garage space with secure garage doors, as explained by Titan Garage Doors Coquitlam

Having too much storage space adds unnecessary cost and size to your project, while not having enough storage could be a  problem.

Consider Where You Spend The Most Time

Where do you spend the most time in your home?  In the living room?  On the back patio?  Would you use a workout room?

Many people build spaces in their custom homes that they never use.  Think about where you spend the most time and consider putting some extra resources into those rooms. For window installation, you can visit

Landscape And Backyard Curb Appeal

Buying an inground pool is a major purchase. They cost tens of thousands of dollars and can affect both the aesthetic of your outdoor space and the value of your home. This is a purchase that you should never take lightly.

There is a lot of research that you need to do before buying one and a lot of decisions that need to be made.

If you leap in without doing your homework, you could overpay, purchase a pool that requires more maintenance than you prefer, or hire the wrong contractor for the job.

Doing your research can help you make educated and informed decisions about the type of pool you buy and its features.

All in all, this helps ensure the pool not only looks amazing outside your house, but has the features and functions that make sense for you and your family. Our pool fencing options are designed to provide you with long-lasting protection as well as durability. Choose from a variety of colour and materials to have a custom manufactured Pool fencing made specifically for your pools’ shape and size. Please read more guidelines and info about NSW Pool Regulations


Lighting is one of the most important contributing factors to how a custom home feels.  Adequate lighting can help a room feel bigger and more inviting.

Natural lighting is preferred, so consider your window placements carefully.  In areas where natural light does not reach, talk with your builder about the kinds of lights will give you the natural light you want.

Kitchen Placement

When considering  where your kitchen will go, think how far you will have to carry groceries.

The idea placement for a kitchen is next to the garage or front door. That way, you’ll be able to drop off your groceries without much hassle. Visit sites like to know more about kitchen remodeling projects.

Master Bedroom Placement

One thing to consider when placing your master bedroom is areas in the house that produce the most noise.  For example,  if placed above or adjacent to the garage you could be awakened if the garage door is opened. You’ll want to make sure the door is well maintained or else it might require garage door repair at some point without warning. To get a more sturdier door or your current garage door fixed- check out Chicago Garage Door here!

Similarly, you will want to have some separation from the living room such as a hallway or bathroom.  That way, if you decide to go to bed early, you will not be kept up by noise in the living room.

Laundry Room Placement

Consider putting your laundry room upstairs near the master bedroom to make laundry time as simple as possible.

Accessibility Considerations

Even though you may not be concerned with accessibility right now, it is smart to plan for accessibility in case you or any of your family or friends have a need in the future.

Consider keeping at least one bedroom and bathroom on the main floor.

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